ARH Tucker & Sons

Through our new mobile friendly website that you designed and built we are now in a position to market ourselves far more successfully, and reach a greater potential customer base, as well as providing a better service to our existing customers. It’s also great to know that you are at hand to help us keep the site up to date when we get stuck.

Kindred Business Networking

Our members love how easy it is to see who is a member of the group - you can instatly recognise everyone.  They also love the individual Click to Call buttons on the mobile phone version of the site, and the option to add anyone to your contacts instantly. People can get in touch right away without having to try and remember the number or write it down.  

The Thomas Centre

Special thanks must go to Mark and Gill @ CPL who have helped us build our new site and we are so pleased to have met James at Zenith, who has produced a marvelous aerial video of our holiday park. Thank you James!

JP Ashley Ltd

As an Award Winning builder it was very important to be able to showcase a selection of jobs we have carried out to give prospective clients an idea of our capabilities, that could also be viewed on mobile devices.  Mark came up with the perfect way to display different projects we have completed which we can easily add to over time.

CADE Electrical

My old website was completely out of date, and after searching on google for ‘electricians Grimsby’ I found my website on page 3 . Mark did a fantastic job of building me a new responsive website, and to put it to the test when I repeated the same search on Google not only was it on page 1, it was on there twice.

Oaklands Hall Hotel

Thanks Mark & Gill for creating this bespoke website from our design ideas and images, it so perfectly reflects our hotel and the facilities available. We had a lot of specific requirements and you managed to achieve them all.

North Cotes College

We wanted a website that was easy to update ourselves so we could ensure we always had up to date information displayed. It also needed to be very visual to show what have to offer on campus and most of all easy to view on mobile phones and tablets Thanks Mark & Gill for helping us to achieve this.

Hooton Engineering Ltd.

As a privately owned UK & International engineering company, offering bespoke engineering solutions we wanted a new mobile friendly website to reflect our capabilities and to showcase some of the prestigious jobs we have been awarded. Mark & Gill help us keep our News articles up to date on a monthly basis.

Comley Cameras

As a small independent camera shop we wanted to have a 'shop front' online to let local people know what we do and what we sell, as well as offering a place they could pop in to see the products and get helpful advice.  It was essential we had a website that we could update ourselves with the latest products and prices Thanks Mark & Gill 

RSPCA Lincolnshire East Branch

The new mobile friendly website looks great.  Thank you both for the work you have done on it we are extremely grateful.

Responsive websites

Gone are the days when a website was just viewed on a PC, Mac or laptop.

Mobile views now make up between 40% and 50% depending on who's statisitics you believe. Either way thats a big number to just ignore.

To get the best user experience from a responsive website, it needs to change the way it looks based on how it is being viewed. The site even needs to change how it looks depenant on the oreintation of the device, as mobiles and tablets get used at all sorts of angles.

In short, viewing a website on a mobile phone should be a very different experience to viewing the same website on a laptop, pc, or tablet.

If your site looks the same on every device, just a different size, then we need to talk and show you how you could be benefiting from the huge mobile internet market.


A responsive website should:

  • Change its layout to suit the device it is displayed on
  • Change its layout depending on device orientation
  • Have a device suitable navigation system
  • Possibly have different content
  • Be optimised to reduce mobile data download


Is your site is responsive?

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