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email hosting Grimsby and Cleethorpes

Forgive me for seeming judgmental, but with the price of domain names being so low there are very few good reasons for anybody in business NOT to have their own domain name and e-mail address.

What does that mean? Well you know when you are dealing with a company and they e-mail your from or how much confidence does it give you in their operation?

Why not have your own *domain name, with up to 5 e-mail addresses and your e-mail professionally managed? With prices starting from just £60 a year - that's just £5 per month, it's a lot more affordable than most people think.


Don't worry if you need to gain access to your e-mails from different locations around the UK or World this is still all possible. We will take care of all of the technical stuff and provide you with support if things go wrong, leaving you and your company looking professional.

So dont be be and let people know who you really are.

Call us today on 01472 211924 so we can help you to step away from the herd and into the spotlight (*domain name providing it is available)

website hosting Grimsby and Cleethorpes

What is hosting, and why do you need it?

For a website to be visible on the World Wide Web it needs to be stored in a place that everyone on the Internet can see.

Not only does it need to be visible, but it needs to be on systems that are kept up to date, and professionaly managed.

That place needs to have a fast internet connection, it has to have a professional team of engineers on site 24/7 to make sure that if there is a server problem, they can fix it there and then. We deal in minutes not hours!


Our servers are:

  • Monitored 24/7 by skilled technicians
  • Housed in secure, state of the art UK based data centres.
  • Protected by advanced fire protection systems.
  • Protected against power outage by back up power supplies.
  • Equiped with spam filters and webmail services.
  • Not limited for space used, so their website can grow as their business does.