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We’ve been building websites since 1996, from a single page website to a website with over 6,000 pages.

From simple brochure / information website builds to complex, bespoke, data collection and storage systems used as business tools.

It’s not uncomon for us to get enquiries from people who can’t get hold of the original company that built their website, as they are no longer trading, or their site that they paid for has suddenly stopped working.

The common factor to every website design is a client that just wants someone to listen to them & to turn their ideas into a reality.

If you value the personal touch & want to talk to people that speak YOUR language then call Mark or Gill at Crystal Pyramid today.

Call Mark or Gill at Crystal Pyramid web design today on
01472 211 924 to talk about your website design
needs then let’s grab a coffee & a chat.

some of our recent projects

  • web design

    We understand that everybody has something to say which is why we listen first, then think about how we can help them.  We don’t push people into a package to suit us, we design the package to suit them.

  • responsive (mobile friendly) websites

    So many people view websites on mobile devices that it is now essential to have a mobile friendly website.  We are often asked to help where people have older websites that are not suited to today’s users, & that can lead to anything from help & advice to full website rebuilds.

  • website recycling (rebuilds)

    As websites get older they are often in need of upgrading to modern standards therefore it’s not always necessary to start from scratch with a completely new website build. The content could still be relevant, the images still suitable & that’s why we offer to “recycle” the content in a website rebuild reducing the cost to the client. The result, a faster, more responsive & better looking website that is easy for the client to update.

  • website rescues

    We are often asked to help people who are having problems with their current website, hosting or designer.

    There are lots of factors at play from outdated websites, slow servers or even designers no longer able to fulfil the needs of their clients.

  • colaborative website builds

    We often work alongside graphic designers and marketers to turn thier ideas into a reality. We will also work with customers that want to be involved in their build in a pratical way assisting them to grow their website after we have finished our part of the project.

  • bespoke business tools

    If you have specific needs for something a little “out of the ordinary” we would love to hear from you. We currently work with a wide range of organisations to meet their specific needs with online tools designed just for them.  From an online retailer to an organisation working with the NHS & sensitive data, we are able to tailor systems to the specific needs of our customers.


When choosing a hosting company to work with we picked the No1 provider in the UK where security, reliability & availability are at the forefront of their offering.

With over 27,800 clients they provide us with exemplary service enabling us to pass that onto our clients. This means that the server farms are manned 24/7 with support always on hand should you need our help.

Other brands on their servers include Cadbury, NHS, Nike, Iceland, Cath Kidson & the Finantial Times with

We have worked with several different hosting companies over the years, making sure we keep our options open to provide the best service possible, & we feel that our current solution is the best we’ve ever been able to offer our client base.

Call Mark or Gill at Crystal Pyramid web design today on
01472 211 924 to talk about your hosting requirements
then let’s grab a coffee & a chat.

  • fast secure cloud hosting

    Our UK based cloud servers utilise LiteSpeed web server & caching technologies to deliver lightning-fast speeds for all websites you host with us. The London-based datacentre utilises a 100Gbps high capacity multi-carrier network with the best routing technologies ensuring fast content delivery.

  • secure by design

    Firewall, DDoS protection + CloudLinux  are included as standard, ensuring our clients websites are kept secure.  Servers are all servers patched/updated plus we run regular virus & malware scans on all of our hosted accounts to ensure that nothing get’s in from outdated or vulnerable sites.

  • automatic backups

    We provide three levels of service with the Premium service offering automatic, daily backup of emails, databases and website files / content.  Should you have a problem we can roll back to previous versions and restore everything for you.

  • service level agreements

    There’s no point in having a website if you can’t see it so we offer three level of service level agreement on our hosted accounts. We are so confident in our provision that with our premium level hosting, we will refund a full months hosting fee if your website is offline for more than 15 minutes in that month due to server failure.

  • green cloud hosting

    We know that datacentres consume a huge amount of energy and the power supplied to the datacentre we use is made up of 100% renewable/clean energy.

  • email only hosting

    We have a number of acounts that just want to use us to host their emails on our secure servers. We can provide any number of addresses associatated with your own domain name or purchase a domain name for you. These accounts are priced individually depending on the numbre and size of the mailboxes required.


There are many of occasions when a simple website won’t do what is needed & this is where our experience can help. From helping with website pay per click campaigns to highly complex data handling solutions we are here to help you every step of the way.

We help guide our clients through getting the most from their Google Adwords campaign, training them in the basics so they can effectively create & manage adword campaigns on their own.

Our website administration training helps people administer their own website, write their own content & edit their own images.

If it looks like our clients need a bit more, or ongoing support we will work with them to design the rights package to suit their requirements.

If you have unusual requirements and would like an
initial chat, call Mark or Gill at Crystal Pyramid web design
today on 01472 211 924 to set up an initial meeting.

  • Google Adwords

    Lots of people run Google Adwords accounts whilst not fully understanding them, or the implications of the phrases they are paying to use.  This can be very expensive, and worse than that it can still lead to a total lack of conversions. We provide all you need from training through to a full account management service.

  • website training

    We provide training for all clients who we host on how to updae their own website. In some cases we also train people who have sites they’ve had built elsewhere, our focus is making sure they get the right advice when they need it.

  • ongoing support

    Often our clients just need a bit of support or “hand holding” while they work out what to put on their websites, or how to do it. We offer ongoing support from email advice, telephone support or face to face visits on site to help them get the results they want.

  • maintenance packages

    All websites need to be kept up to date. Software becomes outdated, styles change and companies change what they offer, all this needs interaction. Most people in business haven’t got the time or expertise to keep on top of this so we work with them to do a little or as much as they need to keep things updated.

What others say about us

Through our new mobile friendly website that you designed and built we are now in a position to market ourselves far more successfully, and reach a greater potential customer base, as well as providing a better service to our existing customers. It’s also great to know that you are at hand to help us keep the site up to date when we get stuck.

As a privately owned UK & International engineering company, offering bespoke engineering solutions we wanted a new mobile friendly website to reflect our capabilities and to showcase some of the prestigious jobs we have been awarded. Mark & Gill help us keep our News articles up to date on a monthly basis.

Thanks Mark & Gill for creating this bespoke website from our design ideas and images, it so perfectly reflects our hotel and the facilities available. We had a lot of specific requirements and you managed to achieve them all.

We wanted a website that was easy to update ourselves so we could ensure we always had up to date information displayed. It also needed to be very visual to show what have to offer on campus and most of all easy to view on mobile phones and tablets Thanks Mark & Gill for helping us to achieve this.